Music - The Greshams

The Greshams performing at the Dodge City Days Breakfast with Barry Ward.
John Gresham, Barry Ward, Gayle Gresham

John and Gayle Gresham are a husband and wife duo from Elbert, Colorado performing songs of the West with a touch of bluegrass. John (mandolin) and Gayle (guitar) have sung in harmony and played together in several local western-gospel and bluegrass-gospel groups over the years. Their daughter, Kate, also plays bass with them.   

Learning about a convicted cattle rustler in her family tree sparked Gayle’s interest in Colorado history when she was young. Digging into her family’s stories, she discovered tales of a hanging, a shoot-out, and a jail break from the Buena Vista jail. This led to writing songs based on the stories. 

Original songs include “The Shadow of the Murdered Man,” a widow’s lament for justice for the vigilantes who hanged her husband as a cattle thief and the rollicking jail-break song titled “Freedom in January."
"The Shadow of the Murdered Man"
February 25, 2012
Perfromed during a Barry Ward Concert
At the Canon Rose Acoustic Society