Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ann Parker's Booksigning

Ann Parker, Susan Tweit, Gayle Gresham
(Giving our WWW sign)
Ann, Susan and Bev McGuire

Ann Parker, author of the Silver Rush Mysteries, had a booksigning at the Book Haven bookstore in Salida last Wednesday. Ann is a member of Women Writing The West and I had the privilege of meeting her last fall at the San Antonio conference. When I learned about her book tour, I knew I had to go to Salida (even though she had a signing in Manitou Springs). I invited Bev to go with me and arranged a motel room to stay the night.

Ann's booksigning began at 5:00, but we met at 3:00 at a coffee shop to visit with Ann and Salida WWW'er Susan Tweit. We talked nonstop for an hour! It was good to hear about Ann and Susan latest projects. Ann is a woman after my own heart-- rather than enjoying the Salida attractions that day, she'd spent her time in the basement of the Salida Regional Library looking at old newspapers on microfiche!

Ann and Susan were anxious to hear how my book is coming along and more about the cattle rustling story. Ann gave me some great insights into the "Found Dead" article from a mystery writer's perspective. They were both so encouraging to me.

Bev and I had a few minutes and stopped in at the Lallier Pharmacy. I squealed with delight when I found a Cross A Ranch handcream display. Marge Brown, the creator, lived in the community I grew up in before moving to Wyoming and making her handcream. She's a good family friend and now lives in Salida. If you want a good heavy-duty handcream and other products, be sure to check out her website.

The Book Haven is a charming bookstore on F Street in downtown Salida. Be sure to stop in a visit if you are ever in town. It was packed with people for the signing and Ann gave a great talk about Leadville and how she began writing the Silver Rush Mysteries. It was so fun to see two more ladies from Women Writing The West - Elaine Long and Nancy Oswald. I hadn't met Elaine before, but had e-mailed with her. Can't wait to read her contemporary fiction book. I've known Nancy a couple of years and was excited to see her. She's had two juvenile fiction books published by Filter Press.

After the booksigning, Ann, Bev and I walked along the River Walk for a few minutes, then Ann headed up to her next stop - Leadville. It was such a wonderful evening!


~Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy this wonderful time together! I also enjoyed your post on the old BV jail!

Gayle Gresham said...

Thanks, Cheryl!

Ann Parker said...

It was so much fun to see you and the other WWW-ers in Salida! And wow, I love the Book Haven. I ended up buying so many books from the Haven and others like it in Colorado that I had to ship THREE boxes home!

I love your photos too ... Egads, I need to catch up on my own blog. But it's much more fun to read yours.

Gayle Gresham said...

3 boxes! The pitfalls of booksignings. I never thought about that temptation. Of course, I bought books written by 2 more WWW members at Salida plus yours.
Glad you like my photos. Now get busy on your blog so I can read about your Leadville signings!