Sunday, June 22, 2008

Locating Ernest's Land

On Thursday morning I went to the Chaffee County Clerk's office and started looking through the Grantee/Grantor indexes. About thirty minutes later I found an entry for Ernest Christison. I pulled out the book of deeds and discovered the land where Ernest had his ranch. It was located about seven or eight miles northeast of Salida as the crow flies. This photo is taken looking northeast of Salida in the general direction of the ranch.

I knew Ernest had a pasture in that area based on testimony I found in court records, but I wasn't certain that he owned it. It was exciting to find the proof. But the transaction made me a little sad. Ernest sold his ranch on the same day he got out of the Fairplay jail. He must have needed the money for his court and lawyer fees.

It was very tempting to drive up to see the land. I'd rather wait, though, for my husband to go exploring with me. Then he can drive while I soak in the atmosphere and scribble descriptions down in my notebook.

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