Friday, December 1, 2006

Lake County War Interest

I’ve enjoyed your interest in the Lake County War! It is an almost unbelievable event in Colorado history. But it is true. Judge Dyer is buried in Castle Rock. His dad, itinerant Methodist minister Father Dyer, couldn’t bear to leave his son buried in Granite “among such a set of murderers” and had his body moved three years later. You can read more about Father Dyer and the Lake County War in Father Dyer’s autobiography, The Snow-Shoe Itinerant by J. L. Dyer.

I can’t imagine living in the Upper Arkansas Valley during the years of 1874-1875. It was a time of terror for many of the people. Wilburn and Elizabeth Christison had moved to Fairplay in 1873 where he was elected Park County probate judge. This gave them some distance from the most violent events. They had lived in Lake County for 12 years and Wilburn was the Lake County probate judge before he moved to Fairplay. Elias Dyer replaced him.

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Arletta Dawdy said...

Gayle, Your blog is informative, beautifully written and so very rich in color! I only wish you had info about AZ history. As for Sharon McCrumb, I haven't seen anything of hers in years and thought she topped the list with Rosewood. Keep on blogging......