Friday, December 15, 2006

Wilburn Christison's Handwriting

Bright and early Wednesday, my friend Debra and I took off for an overnight trip to Salida. We spent the afternoon at the District Courts in Salida. We searched through a box crammed full of old Lake County court records. I had looked through a similar box the last time I was in Salida, but didn’t find anything of interest. However, in this box, after looking at several papers, I pulled out a bond filed February 12, 1872 by "W. Christison, Probate Judge.” On closer examination, I realized that the handwriting was Wilburn’s. There are three distinct signatures in the document and the handwriting matches Wilburn’s signature--all of the letter “t”s are crossed at the top. It was fascinating to see my great-great-grandfather’s handwriting for the first time.

I found another case where Wilburn was the attorney. But that was all I found in the entire box. But I’m sure glad I found what I did!

I tried posting a picture of the signature, but it isn't coming out clear enough to read. Sorry! Over the next week I’ll share more about my trip to Salida and my discoveries.

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