Friday, September 3, 2010

Photograph Research Trip

I made a quick trip to Salida on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday morning I talked with Joyce Reno, the Chaffee County Clerk. She answered my questions about land records and was very helpful. I was reminded again that when you can't find a record in one place, it might show up in another. Last month I had contacted the National Archives in Denver about land patents. The man who helped me said he'd look up the information, but later called to say he couldn't find the book. I mentioned this to Joyce and she said, "We've got it right here." It helps to know I've looked at all of the records and I'm not overlooking something with the land records.

In the afternoon, I visited the Salida Regional Library to look at the Bob Rush photo collection. I didn't find any photos pertinant to my presentation or book, but they were fun to look at! Most of the collection is available digitally on the Salida website.

As I was leaving the library, Jeff Donlan and I were talking. It dawned on him to ask if I'd talked to Dick Dixon. I said I hadn't, but he was on my list. Dick has written book about Turret and the Salida area. He also has a fabulous collection of Salida photos. Jeff picked up the phone and called Dick at the Mountain Mail newspaper office. Before I knew it, I was having the most amazing conversation with Dick at the newspaper office. Here was a man who knew the historical Salida people I've been living with for the past three years. It was wonderful to talk to someone who knew them as well as I did. Just like talking with an old friend. You will be seeing some photos from Dick's collection show up in my book. Isn't that exciting?

I stopped at the Canon City History Center on my way home. And found some more great photos. It's fun to start collecting photographs for the book!

The book isn't finished yet. Working on the Ed Watkins presentation in Salida is helping me. I tend to tell the story in circles, I tell about one event then circle back to another. Putting the Powerpoint in order is helping me gain focus. And I'm picking up on a few things I hadn't caught before.

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Cynthia Becker said...

Local people who know the players in area history are such a treasure to find. I remember Dick Dixon from our days in Salida. I'm so excited to hear the progress you are making on this story