Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Poncha Springs Cemetery

On January 22, 1875, a group of vigilantes made their way to Elijah Gibbs' cabin on Gas Creek with the intention of hanging Gibbs for the murder of George Herrington. Gibbs had already been tried and acquitted of the murder charge, however, the vigilantes still believed he was the guilty party.

The vigilantes arrived at Gibbs' cabin around midnight and demanded that Gibbs come out. When Gibbs didn't do as requested, some of the men started piling brush up against the door to burn Gibbs out; not caring that Gibbs family - his pregnant wife and three children - along with a neighbor and her child were in the cabin. Gibbs fired the first shot at Sam Boon, who had lit a match to set the fire, hitting him in the chest. He continued firing, hitting two men in the legs. As the men fell, the shotgun belonging to one of the men went off and hit David Boon, the brother of Sam. Finley Kane (reportedly an uncle of Sam and David) was also shot.
Elijah Gibbs turned himself into the Justice of Peace and a trial was held the next morning with Wilburn Christison acting as Gibbs' defense lawyer. Gibbs was found to have acted in self-defense and he left the area immediately.

The wounded men were taken to William Kraft's home where David Boon (age 31) died January 23, Sam Boon died January 24 (age 30), and Finley Kane died January 25. The three men were buried in the Droney Pasture cemetery, but were later moved to the Poncha Springs Cemetery where this picture was taken. Each man has a Civil War veterans marker. Sam and David served together in Company H of the 102nd Ohio Infantry and Finley Kane served in Company I of the 29th Ohio Infantry.

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