Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Christison Line

This is my line of Christisons:

Adam Christison (1794-after 1880)
Married Margaret Silvers
Hester Christison Dupree
John Christison (1819-1901)
Toland McReary Christison (1824-1901)
Wilburn Christison (1827-1882)
Francis Marion Christison (1832-1909)

Wilburn Christison married Elizabeth Jane Lewis
William Leslie Christison (1850-1916)
Virgil Ernest Christison (1852-1939)
Arthur Boone Christison (1853-1864)
Clara Columbia Christison Hathaway (1857-1913)
John Celdon Christison (1859-1890)
Mary Alwilda Christison St. Cyr (1861-1896)
Nellie Jane Christison Martin (1863-unknown)
Lewis Daniel Christison (1865-1953)
Charlie Christison (1867-1892)

Lewis Christison married Rosine Belle Frankenbery
Wilburn Enos Christison (1899-1965)
Neil Theodore Christison (1901-1975)
Clement Daniel Christison (1907-1997)
Laurabelle Christison VanBuskirk (1909-1981)
Douglas Boone Christison (1911-1995)
Kenneth Keith Christison (1917-1995)

Kenneth Keith Christison is my Grandfather.
His oldest child, Kenneth Keith Christison, Jr. is my Dad.

If you are related to any of these Christisons, I’d love to hear
from you! E-mail me at


Vickie Pavelko said...

It's very interesting to see that two of your uncle's have Boone as their middle name. Where was Arthur Boone Christison born?

Gayle Gresham said...

Elizabeth Jane Lewis Christison's great-grandmother was Hannah Boone, the sister of Daniel Boone. That's where the Boone name came from. Arthur Boone, who was called "Boone," was born in Platte City, Missouri. Boone died at Cash Creek at age 11 and it is believed he was struck by lightning.

Becky Jamison said...

Gayle,I've awarded you the "Friendly Blogger Award". Go here to claim it:

Anonymous said...

Dear gayle... This charlesten beck... i am gayle christison's sisters granddaughter... I just wanted to just stop bye and say hey!vi

Gayle Gresham said...

Hello Vi! I'm so glad you stopped in to say hi. Nice to meet you, cousin!