Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trip To Salida and Buena Vista

Arkansas River between Canon City and Salida

Last week I drove to Salida and Buena Vista for three days of research. And, it was a productive three days! This week I will put up several postings with pictures and tell you about my newfound treasures. So, check in frequently! The Arkansas River is running high from the incredible snow run-off. It is amazing to talk to the people in Buena Vista to hear how much snow they had this winter. They spoke of plowing their driveways with the snow already piled up 14 feet high on each side. And Fairplay had it much worse.

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Irish Mason said...

My husband and I love driving Hwy 50 between Canon City and Salida or sometimes Monarch Pass. We love to watch the changes in the Arkansas River - high with snow melt; partially frozen; filled with whitewater rafters & kayaks. We have a habit of stopping at Five Points to visit the river and to soak it in and to view it and listen to it. I love to see the big old cottonwood tree there as well and sometimes we see the bighorn sheep. My daughter and granddaughter and I floated leaf boats in the river once when we stayed at a cabin at Bandera's Bunkhouse for Mother's Day weekend. I have some pics online: