Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ernest Christison - Cattle Rustler

I've mentioned Ernest Christison several times, but I've not really told his story. Ernest was Wilburn and Elizabeth's second son. In 1884 he pled guilty to stealing cattle and was sentenced to two years in prison. All of the local history books say he went to the Colorado State Penitentiary for ten years, but his prison records show he was sentenced to two years.

Ernest's story has been quite a puzzle to piece together and more intriguing than I ever dreamed! It is a wild west movie in real life. I'm working on Ernest's story now and I'm starting to feel like Louis L'Amour!

One of the best things about writing Ernest's story is talking with his granddaughter, Betty. She is the lady who gave me the picture of Wilburn and Elizabeth. Betty remembers Ernest quite well. He lived with her family in Colorado Springs when she was a child. She remembers him playing his fiddle and mouth harp. And she remembers him as the sweetest, kindest Grandpa a child could have.

I will continue Ernest's story another day...