Thursday, January 25, 2007

Internet Connections

I am fascinated by the relationships and social implications of the people in the Upper Arkansas Valley. Men who mined together in the early 1860’s also farmed nearby each other later. Then they wound up on opposite sides of the Lake County War. Two men who ran against each other for the Territorial legislator ended up on the same side. The County Clerk who was run out of office and forced to leave the country became the County Clerk again four years later.

Through the Internet, I’ve come into contact with other descendents and relatives of people who were involved in the Lake County War. I’ve learned more about Elijah Gibbs and the Gilliland family through Brian and Ann Marie. Last week I ran across Vickie, a relative of the Boons who were shot and killed by Elijah Gibbs. Through these people I’ve learned rich details about their relatives which add so much to the history. Details not found in local history books.

Communicating with the relatives have also cleared up some longstanding misconceptions and also keep me from writing new ones!

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