Sunday, December 24, 2006


I started writing this blog yesterday at 4:00 p.m., but I decided to check a fact on the Internet. Six hours later I got off the ’net. That’s why I never seem to get any writing done. But I discovered the most wonderful tidbit of information about a theory I have on the Lake County War! It’s a wonderful Christmas present to myself! I can’t share it, but I can’t wait to follow up on the clue. Back to Granite…

Deb and I stopped in Nathrop and Buena Vista, then drove 17 miles north on Highway 24 to Granite. South of Granite, the highway climbs into rocky terrain. Granite is aptly named since it nestles on mountain slopes of rock and sagebrush on both sides of the Arkansas River.

The photograph is taken looking east of Highway 24. The Arkansas River is below the guard rail. The Granite Courthouse where Wilburn Christison practiced law and was a probate judge stood just to the left of the road going up the mountain, about where the red building and trailer are in the photo. It is also the courthouse where Judge Dyer was killed. The courthouse was a long two-story log building. Originally it was built in 1866 in Dayton, then disassembled and moved to Granite in 1868 or 1869 after Granite became the county seat.

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